SM Entertainment to sell “SMTOWN Virtual Nation Passports”

From the SMTOWN world tours to the ”S.M. ART Exhibition”, SM Entertainment has been rapidly expanding its business, and now they will be selling passports to all SM Entertainment fans.

The “SMTOWN Virtual Nation Passport” will be a passport that fans can bring to official SM Entertainment events. For example, “SMTOWN Virtual Nation Passport” holders can bring their passports to SMTOWN concerts and the “S.M. ART Exhibition” to get them stamped. In addition, each passport will be customized so that it will contain the fan’s personal photo and name.

There are also additional benefits attached to the passport. Fans who pre-purchase the passport may have a chance to receive four SM stickers that contain 51 SM Entertainment artists, and members of official SM Entertainment fan clubs will get a VISA in addition to the passport. Those who are attending the “SMTOWN World Tour Concert in Seoul” and the “S.M.ART Exhibition” will also get a sealed stamp if they pre-purchase the passport online.

The first pre-sale time period for the passports was between August 8th and August 9th, and there was only a limited amount available for purchase. Passports will cost 15,000 KRW and must be ordered through SM Entertainment,here.

Will you be getting your own “SMTOWN Virtual Nation Passport”?


Source: koreaboo

120804 Leeteuk Twitter Update

Right after the SM Town concert we ate ramen!!!^^ Donghae Kyuhyune Eunhyukie Ryeowookie and Shindong~!!! You guys who work hard!!! Eat up!!!!