Super Junior’s Choi Siwon cast in a new TV series

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon will return to the small screen.

On August 27, several broadcast officials said that Choi was cast in SBS’s new Monday-Tuesday series Lord of the Dramas (working title), which will air in November, to play the role of a top star named Kang Min.

A spokesperson for SM Entertainment says, “Choi was offered a role in the series and we are currently considering it positively.”

The series is a comedy about a president of an outsourcing production company, a new writer, and a top star actor. The president only cares about money but the new writer thinks that TV series have to be human love. The two characters will meet the arrogant top star actor to make a new TV series.

Choi will play the role of an arrogant Hallyu star, who is handsome and also good at acting. He is greedy and leads his series to end in failure.

Kim Myung Min will play the role of the president and Jung Ryeo Won may be cast in the series to play the new writer.