‘SNL Korea’ Season 2 Closes its Curtains with Super Junior

The second season of tvN’s Saturday Night Live Korea (SNLK) closed its curtains on July 13, with big laughs, thanks to host, Super Junior.

SNLK, based off of NBC’s Saturday Night Live, brought in refreshing laughter since starting its new season in May.

Ending the season with the an idol boy group for the first time, SNLK brought in 1.334% ratings according to AGB Nielson Media Research and also took the number one spots for real time searches after the show ended. Fans are already demanding another season.

After switching its original format from 15 and older ratings to 19 and older, SNLK brought in more political issues and adult humor to the show, earning more popularity and laughs from its older audience.

July 13’s broadcast with Super Junior as hosts was no exception as the Super Junior members held nothing back and acted in skits that involved adult comedy and required the members to ruin their polished images by dressing up in silly costumes.

Some of the skits involved the members talking behind each other’s backs whenever one went into the bathroom, and another focused on what Super Junior would look like performing Sorry Sorry fifty years later.

Super Junior also performed skits that included a lot of sexual innuendos and risqué positions, surprising audiences while provoking laughter.

Along with Super Junior, Oh Ji Ho, Jo Yeo Jung, Yang Dong Geun, Shin Dong Hyub, Park Jin Young, Bada, Horan, and T-ara’s Ham Eun Jung hosted the show, bringing it success for the second time around. SNLK was also star-studded with surprise cameo appearances as well.

The producer for SNLK, Ahn Sang Hwe, said, “We want to thank the viewers for the great interest and response. We will do our best to bring in new humor that will meet viewer expectations this coming fall, so please anticipate it!”