120705 [FANACC] M! Countdown

‘From U’ Recording

Super Junior recorded From U twice. Today’s stage was very dreamy, the fanchants were loud. KRY stood on three steps on the stage. Kyuhyun stood in the centre, very proper, in between, he put his hands on his waist and even pulled up/ adjusted his pants, so cute!! When they began recording the sexond time they suddenly said to redo it, they were really handsome when coming down from the stage!

Ryeowook said, everybody didn’t see the main stage (Sexy, Free Single) what should they do? Then ELF started to shout for them to dance it, Leeteuk said if they can, they will dance after the recording. After it ended, the producer didn’t allow, so DOnghae & Shindong only danced a few steps for us.

source: 七七_FromU, cocokz
translated by @kikiikyu