Super Junior and more to perform at the 4th annual Incheon ‘Korean Music…

The line-up for the 4th annual Incheon ‘Korean Music Wave‘ has been revealed!

The ‘Korean Music Wave’ will be held on September 15th at the Incheon World Cup Stadium. The artists scheduled to perform are Super Junior, KARA, F.T. Island, Wooyoung, TEEN TOP, 4minute,A Pink, ZE:A, Rainbow, Girl’s Day, and B.A.P.

The HH Company representative Lee Hyuk Jae stated, “We are glad to announce the 4th year of the Incheon ’Korean Music Wave’. It is a festival that not only involves music, but combines Korea’s music and culture together in one spot. Through this festival we can also display Incheon as not just a regular city, but one that can be associated with the Korean culture.


Super Junior’s Donghae bares his new body for ‘W Korea’

Super Junior‘s Donghae recently participated in a portrait photo shoot with fashion magazine W Korea, revealing his healthy and cut physique.

The singer who is currently starring in ‘Miss Panda and Mr. Hedgehog‘ along with actress Yoon Seung Ah reportedly showed no signs of fatigue at the photo shoot, despite filming his drama late into the previous night.

Donghae explained that he watched what he ate and worked out regularly for this particular role, which explained his new toned and sexy figure. He displayed a more sensual side of himself, both as a man and an actor.

Titled ‘Me & Myself’, this photo shoot attempted to give Donghae the spotlight he deserves, as he is an idol group member that confidently grew as an individual and made a successful transformation into an actor.

The editor leading the shoot was surprised upon laying eyes on Donghae, saying, “Donghae looks much more grown up and mature compared to the Donghae that we photographed back in June of 2010.”

She seems to be right, as Donghae looks better than he’s ever had. The rest of Donghae’s photos can be found in the September publication of W Korea!



Leeteuk reveals that Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu accidentally gave Sulli a bloody nose

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk shared a behind-the-scenes story about f(x)‘s Sullion the set of ‘To the Beautiful You‘.

On the August 21st episode of SBS‘ ‘Strong Heart‘, Leeteuk said, “I heard about a behind-the-scenes story for ‘To the Beautiful You‘”. He continued, “Mighty Mouth‘s Sangchu made a cameo in the drama and he shot a scene in which he got into a fight with Sulli.

Leeteuk explained that during one part when Sangchu was supposed to send out a punch with Sulli ducking out of the way, the two missed and Sanchu’s fist ended up making contact with Sulli’s nose. Although Sangchu had tried to loosen the power from his arm when he saw his fist about to make contact with her nose, it wasn’t enough for Sulli’s nose started bleeding from both nostrils.

However, Sulli showed her professionalism and determination to keep going. “It started to bruise up, so I just asked the staff to cover up the bruise and kept continuing on with the shoot,” she said, earning compliments from the guests on the show.



Producer for Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio apologizes to KARA

The production crew for KBS’s Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio recently apologized to KARA.

The August 16 episode of the radio show played KARA’s new song “Pandora.” But the song was originally supposed to be released on August 22. Many people complained about it on itheir bulletin board and the listeners asked them to apologize.

The production crew posted an apology note on their official Twitter account. It says, “KARA’s unreleased new song played on the show today. The person who selected the song only checked that the song has passed the deliberation and didn’t check the release date of their EP. Please don’t share today’s episode.”

Producer Jung Hyun Jae posted a note on their official website, “I’m the one who selected the song. I had to record another episode of the show so I just arrived home now. Sorry for causing trouble to KARA and their fans.”

“It’s my fault because I didn’t check the release of the song. I’m so sorry I made you worry about spreading the unreleased song. I will try not to make the same mistake in the future.”

“The recorded episode doesn’t include songs. If I find files, including the song, shared online, I will try to stop it. I’m sorry again to cause you so much trouble.”

People responded: “They made a big mistake and they have to apologize.” “I was so surprised to hear the song. I hope the song doesn’t spread.”



Super Junior, TVXQ etc attract crowds to the ‘S.M.ART Exhibition’

SM Entertainment recently opened the ‘S.M.ART Exhibition in Seoul.’

The exhibition, which will be held on August 10 through 19, presents new digital technologies combined with entertainment content and IT from SM Entertainment and global enterprises.

On August 10, the first day of the exhibition, TVXQ, Super Junior’s Shindong and Sungmin etc visited the exhibition to help celebrate the opening. The stars appearance attracted many people to the exhibition and heated up the place with excitement.

The stars had a great time exploring the exhibitions with the other visitors. They said hello to their fans at the ‘S.M. History Zone.’ They also expressed their about the exhibition and drew a lot of attention.

In addition, TVXQ’s Yunho said, “I like the ‘S.M.ART Gallery’ the most. There are lots of unique works that were made by singers and I even wanted to take some home with me.” Super Junior’s Shindong said, “I’m surprised to see the huge exhibition and happy to attend it with so many people.” E

SM Entertainment will go on the third world tour to hold the ‘SM Town Live’ concert starting on August 18 by holding a concert at Olympic Park in Seoul.


Source: en.korea

Super Junior’s Ryeowook takes first place on Immortal Classics 2

In the August 11 episode of KBS’s Immortal Classics, singer Lee Sang Woo and Lee Sang Eun, who were pop stars in the 80s and 90s, appeared.

All the contestants were so competitive that they were unable to win two times and had to come down from the stage.

Ulala Session, however, received 393 votes from the audience by performing “Pathos” and looked like the they are going to take first place.

Super Junior’s Ryeowook also prepared hard for his performance on the show and impressed the audience by performing “100 Meters To Meet Her.”

Ryeowook made the audience feel like they were looking at the real Lee Sang Woo twenty years ago. As a result, he received 413 votes and finally took first place.

Besides Ryeowook, Infinite’s Sung Kyu, Ailee, Ulala Session, K.will, Lee Hyun, and Sonya appeared on the show.


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