Super Junior’s Leeteuk bares his abs for Harper’s BAZAAR

Leader Leeteuk of idol group Super Junior participated in a recent photo shoot that once again bared his chiseled chocolate abs.

The singer who is busy promoting Super Junior’s new album along with the rest of the members looked chic and trendy, dressed ready for autumn in the September issue of Harper’s BAZAAR.

During the interview that took place at the photo shoot, Leeteuk not only introduced his group’s new album, but also displayed pride in his activities as an MC. He reportedly seemed more earnest and sincere than he is on television, and Leeteuk also opened up about the loneliness that he feels from time to time.

The rest of his pictorials and the interview can be found in the September issue of Harper’s BAZAAR which will be released on the 21st!



Leeteuk reveals that Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu accidentally gave Sulli a bloody nose

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk shared a behind-the-scenes story about f(x)‘s Sullion the set of ‘To the Beautiful You‘.

On the August 21st episode of SBS‘ ‘Strong Heart‘, Leeteuk said, “I heard about a behind-the-scenes story for ‘To the Beautiful You‘”. He continued, “Mighty Mouth‘s Sangchu made a cameo in the drama and he shot a scene in which he got into a fight with Sulli.

Leeteuk explained that during one part when Sangchu was supposed to send out a punch with Sulli ducking out of the way, the two missed and Sanchu’s fist ended up making contact with Sulli’s nose. Although Sangchu had tried to loosen the power from his arm when he saw his fist about to make contact with her nose, it wasn’t enough for Sulli’s nose started bleeding from both nostrils.

However, Sulli showed her professionalism and determination to keep going. “It started to bruise up, so I just asked the staff to cover up the bruise and kept continuing on with the shoot,” she said, earning compliments from the guests on the show.