120805 [ENG] Star News Interview – Kibum

Kim Kibum now suits the keyword Actor more than a member of an idol group. It’s not surprising to see him acting now.

Kibum once roamed the stage with Super Junior as a singer but now he’s gaining attention with acting. He finally erased the stereotypes people had in mind with the keyword “Idol Singer”.

Recently, he showed his talent with a cable channel TVN’s popular drama ‘I love Lee Taeri’. He acted a more light and happy character compared to his character from ‘Deep rooted tree’ last year. Because of that, he was able to capture not just younger girls but noona fans hearts

Kim kibum acted as Gum Undong and as Hwang Minsu in ‘I love Lee Taeri’. At the beginning, he shook the hearts of girls with exposing scenes. We thought exposures might have been hard for him but he answered differently.

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