Everybody out there, whom you, yourself said that you are an EVERLASTING FRIEND, watch this video and be proud

I do not know what else to say but to cry.

We will always love you, Super Junior.

9 members standing on the stage, I know the other 2 are backstage. And Youngwoon, Kibum, Hankyung, are all watching this.

The pictorial of Super Junior’s new unit, K.R.Y excites fans

The pictorial of Super Junior’s new unit, K.R.Y(Kyuhyun, Ryuwook, and Yesung) is creating a stir.

K.R.Y revealed their sentimental pictorial on Men’s Magazine, L’Officiel Hommes.

K.R.Y is a new unit of Super Junior’s vocals: Kyuhyun, Ryuwook and Yesung. The name of the group means that it is an extension of Super Junior’s activities and is an abbreviation of each member’s initials.

Fashion photographer Bori shot the pictorial, revealing different charms for each of the members.

Kyuhyun gazed about with a gloomy look and Ryuwook revealed sharp yet indifferent charms. It has been said that Yesung amazed the staff by making a fancy and sexy ambience throughout the shooting.

This coming activity of the new unit will likely be loved by many fans who are waiting for Super Junior’s new album and activities.

The pictorial of K.R.Y will be available on the November edition of L’Officiel Hommes


source: en.korea.com

Super Junior K.R.Y Make Sweet Harmony for ‘Ms. Panda and Mr. Porcupine’ Drama OST

It isn’t only SBS’ To the Beautiful You’s OST that’s receiving vocal support from the SM artists but Super Junior Donghae’s drama too!

The second part of Channel A’s Ms. Panda and Mr. Porcupine drama OST was released on September 11 featuring none other than Super Junior K.R.Y (Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung).

The sweet song reflects the fostering love between the drama’s two leads, played by Donghae and Yoon Seung Ah, with the emotions all the more heightened by the harmonies of Super Junior K.R.Y.

The song will regularly be heard within the drama as well during its air time every Saturdays and Sundays on Channel A.

source: e! news

Super Junior K.R.Y releases “Loving You” for “Miss Panda and Mr. Hedgehog” OST Part 2

After the release of “Plz Don’t” as sung by Super Junior’s Donghae, Super Junior K.R.Y also revealed an OST track for the same drama, Channel A’s weekend mini-series “Miss Panda and Mr. Hedgedog.”

Not only does the song show off the vocal skills of Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung, but it also showcases the composing ability of Donghae, who composed the song with D2O. Donghae is also the lead actor for the drama.

The track is of an acoustic R&B style with a calming sound. This is also enhanced by the singing skills of Super Junior K.R.Y, a group that has had a tremendous amount of experience singing ballad OST tracks for various dramas previously.

You can purchase the OST track at MelonOlleh Music, and Bugs.


source: koreaboo.com