Super Junior’s Shindong talks about the yo-yo effect of dieting

Super Junior’s Shindong talked about the yo-yo effect of dieting.

On the November 26th episode of KBS‘ ‘Hello‘, Shindong shared, “I experience an extreme case of the yo-yo effect. People around me always get surprised when they see me and ask if I’m either gaining weight or losing weight. People may be surprised, but I’m losing weight right now“.

For his problem, MC Shin Dong Yup suggested, “Just leave your body to whatever your hearts desire“, making everyone in the studio laugh.

The yo-yo effect refers to the constant up and down of a persons weight during dieting much like the up and down motion of a yo-yo.

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9 members standing on the stage, I know the other 2 are backstage. And Youngwoon, Kibum, Hankyung, are all watching this.