121212 [English] Leeteuk’s Letter to Strong Heart

I am training soldier number 85, Park Jungsoo who is putting down his title as a “Hallyu Star” for a little while to reform into a man of South Korea! I’ve adapted to this place very well and is leading a very healthy life.
From suju’s leader to an army leader now, I am now taking care of 240 training soldiers by representing them as the company commander.
At this place, its time to go to bed at 10. Once I laid down, I will recall Dongyeobbie-hyung’s rated 19 comment. I kept not being able to sleep well at night..imagining things at this place. I am completely going crazy.
Dongwookie-hyung! You’ve won the best newcomer award at the entertainment awards this time. I’m congratulating you in advance.
Boom hyung! When you come to visit, don’t come alone. From the bottom of my heart! Don’t laugh.
Eunhyuk-ah! You liked it that hyung went (to the army) right? You don’t have much (time) left either.
And Kyungrimmie noona and Juri, you guys are doing well right? After coming to the army, I found out a new truth. (The people in my) company said that the 2 of you are pretty! It was really a shock.
Gisoo-hyung! Its late but congratulations on your marriage! Luckily I enlisted before the wedding dinner (so) I saved on the money gift!
Until that day when I get discharged from the army! Everyone, be healthy and happy~ but 29th July 2014[that day that he gets discharged]…will that day come…? I will work hard in my army life in order to come back~! Salute!


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Yesung talks about being mistaken for Kim Jong Il’s son

Super Junior‘s Yesung talked about being mistaken for being the son of former North Korean leaderKim Jong Il on ‘Strong Heart‘.

Back in 2009, Swiss and German newspapers had run articles with pictures of the Super Junior member depicted as Kim Jong Il’s son, Kim Jong UnBoom introduced the topic by saying, “This story was shushed and avoided by everyone. There were rumors of Yesung being Chairman Kim Jong Il’s third son. It was written on German and Swiss newspapers.”

Yesung said, “My real name is Kim Jong Woon. Because our names are similar and my pictures are all over the internet, I think the foreign newspapers misused my picture. The picture they used is actually a photo from our first single jacket.

MC Shin Dong Yup asked, “What does your father do?” and Yesung answered, “He owns an eyewear store in Myung Dong.


Source: allkpop.com

Super Junior’s Leeteuk speaks out about texting female celebrities

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk wrote a message pertaining to the texting female celebrities at 3am segment featured on the September 18th episode of SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘.

On September 19th, Leeteuk wrote on his twitter, “Celebrity is an occupation that is fed by what image they have. No matter what your personality is like the public will think you’re a nice, cool or awesome person just by having a good image. However, there is a limit to that. Time will reveal everything. Spend one day with me, and I’ll show you everything about me. If you need my cellphone, I’ll give it to you so you can see the contacts or who calls me.


source: allkpop.com

Why did Super Junior’s Leeteuk text actress Kang Ye Sol at dawn?

Actress Kang Ye Sol recently said that she received a text message from Super Junior’s Leeteuk at dawn.

Kang appeared in the September 18 episode of SBS’s variety program Strong Heart and said, “Leeteuk texts people whenever he changes his phone number. But he texted me a few days ago even though he didn’t change his phone number.”

Kang received the text message from Leeteuk at 3:00 in the morning. SISTAR’s Da Som also said, “He always sends text messages to me at 3:00 or 4:00 a.m.”

Kang, who received many favorable reviews by appearing on tvN’s series I Need A Romance 2, previously worked with Leeteuk on a cable show.

Kang and Da Som will surprise the audience by revealing the text messages through the show.

Besides the two female stars, Kim Ji Hoon, Kim Jang Hoon, Lee Jin Hyun, Jung Heung Chae, and Kim Seo Ra will appear on the show.


source: en.korea.com

Super Junior’s Leeteuk: “Tag along with me and I will show you everything”

Super Junior’s Leeteuk recently expressed his feelings through Twitter.

On September 19, Leeteuk tweeted, “Entertainers depend on their images. No matter what kind of personalities they have, good images can make them nice and kind. But it will not last long. Time will tell you the right answer.”

“Tag along with me just for one day. I will show you everything in my everyday life. I’ll give you my phone if you need it so you can see what kind of text messages and calls I get.”

In the September 18 episode of SBS’s Strong Heart, actress Kang Ye Sol and SISTAR’s Da Som drew a lot of attention by saying that they have received text messages from Leeteuk.

Kang made Leeteuk puzzled by saying, “I’ve appeared on a TV show with Leeteuk so I know him a little. He texts me whenever he changes his phone number.”

Da Som also said, “Leeteuk sends me text messages often. But he also texts all the other group members too. He is well known as everyone’s older brother among girl groups.”

People responded: “Leeteuk may have a playboy image.” “I think they misunderstood the text messages just saying hello.” “He can be misunderstood. Why did he send messages at dawn?” “They damaged Leeteuk’s image.” “I think they made reckless remarks.” “I feel upset as a fan of Leeteuk.”


source: en.korea.com

Leeteuk Responds to Criticism Regarding His Late Night Texts to Dasom

uper Junior’s Leeteuk responded to criticism regarding reports about his late night text messages to SISTAR’s Dasomand actress Kang Ye Sol.

On September 19, Leeteuk wrote on his Twitter, “Celebrities live and die with their image. Whatever your real personality is, you can live as a good person, a cool person, and a nice person to the general public as long as you do a good job with ‘image making.’ But there’s limitation to that too. Time will only tell you the truth.”

He continued, “Why don’t you follow me just for a day? I’ll show you what my regular day is like. If you need my phone, I’ll give it to you. You’ll see what calls I get, or if I even receive any calls…”

The tweets were in response to the recent hate comments he received after the September 18 episode of SBS “Strong Heart.” On the show, actress Kang Ye Sol said, “Leeteuk always texts me whenever he gets a new cellphone. But a few days ago, he texted me although he didn’t get a new phone.” She also showed the message which arrived at around 3AM.

SISTAR’s Dasom, who also guested on the show, reportedly jumped in and said, “He also texts me around 3~4AM every day! It’s not just me but our whole group. Leeteuk is known as ‘everyone’s oppa’ among all girl groups.”


source: soompi.com