Rumors about Hangeng’s getaway with actress surface on the web

Previous Super Junior member Hangeng‘s scandal has become the subject of much talk in China.

A Chinese media source reported on the 25th, “Recently, Hangeng returned from a trip to Bali with an actress he has been dating.” Rumors have been going around that the actress is none other than Wang Luo Dan.

However, Hangeng denied the accusation during an interview with the Chinese press claiming, “I’m not close with Wang Luo Dan. I’ve met her once. Greeting each other is the most we’ve ever interacted.

Netizens who read the news replied, “So it’s not real? I wonder where such rumors began,” “They’d look good together,” “They should just start dating,” “Wasn’t Hangeng going out with Jiang Kia Tong?” and more.

Meanwhile, Hangeng became the center of attention in February after being caught on a Maldives getaway with popular actress Jiang Kia Tong.



Han Geng denies rumors that he is dating a Chinese actress

Han Geng (age of 28), a former member of Super Junior, recently denied all rumors that he is dating a star actress Wang Luo Dan.

On July 25, a Chinese media outlet said, “Han Geng recently went on a trip to Bali with a beautiful actress, who he has been dating with for an year.” The beautiful actress is known as Wang Luo Dan, who is the same age as he is.

Han Geng, however, gave an interview and said, “I’m not close to Wang Luo Dan. I’ve seen her once and we only said hello to each other.”

People responded: “Why the rumors about their relationship spread?” “I thought Han Geng is dating Zheng Kai-tung?” “The rumors about his relationship are keep breaking.” “I think Han Geng will look good with Wang Luo Dan.”

Han Geung and popular Chinese actress Zheng Kai-tung sparked rumors about having a relationship in February.


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Siwon and Donghae to visit the Philippines!

Super Junior Siwon and Donghae are set to visit the Philippines in August!

This was announced yesterday by Mr. Ben Chan, founder and owner of Bench, a Philippine clothing brand endorsed by Siwon and Donghae.

According to Mr. Chan, the boys’ visit is tentatively set for August 14 or 15 as arranged by SME. The said dates fall on a weekday, and fans are pleading to have it on a weekend instead.

Stay tuned for updates and further details regarding this exciting event!


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2PM’s Nickhun, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, and f(x)’s Victoria in a love triangle?

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and 2PM’s Nickhun recently formed a love triangle with f(x)’s Victoria.

Victoria and Nickhun appeared on MBC’s Radio Star with Robert Harley under the theme of ‘The Second Home.’

Since Victoria and Nickhun have appeared on MBC’s We Got Married as an imagining married couple, their appearance drew a lot of attention.

Victoria also received considerable attention by saying that Kyuhyun and Nickhun have started a war of nerves over her.

In addition, Victoria showed how to act cutesy and surprised the cast members by talking about her favorite part of chicken.

The show will air on July 11 at 11:15 p.m.


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Super Junior Eunhyuk and IU’s Secret Romance?

Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News opened up the celebrity X-files to uncover the truth behind certain rumors and scandals floating around in the entertainment business.

Of one of those rumors was the possible romantic relationship between Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and IU.

Maybe there’s gold or money on her head, but Eunhyuk is always seen patting IU on the head very affectionately. 

Not only that, they’ve already matched lips by singing a duet with each other – and what better song for lovers to sing than MC Mong and Lyn’s A Letter to You.

IU had previously revealed that she loves people who look kind with smiley eyes. Does Eunhyuk have these features?
But the most suspicious thing about the two is that on his blog, Eunhyuk wrote “Right now, Eunhyuk is hurting, but now!! Let’s all cheer up. Yup!” which actually spells out the acronym of ‘Ji Eun-ah, honey’ in Korean. 

Was this a cryptic love message to IU, whose real name is Ji Eun?

The problem is that when she named a few celebrities who she thinks of as her ideal type, IU mentioned Kim Tae Woo, Taeyang, even comedian Lee Jin Guk who is old enough to be her dad, but no Eunhyuk

Wide’s conclusion?

There’s a 50 percent chance that this rumor is true, but until they formally reveal a relationship, we guess they’re just good colleagues.



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Will Super Junior’s SNL Korea 2 be rated 19+?

Popular idol group Super Junior will appear on the 8th episode of tvN’s SNL Korea 2, which will air on July 14.

On July 2, the production crew for the show said, “We cast Super Junior in the 8th episode of the show. We haven’t thought about the concept for the show yet but since the group is cast, we will do our best.”

Previous episodes, featuring Shin Dong Yeop and Park Jin Young, were rated over 19 years old. The production crew, however, said, “The show is originally rated over 15 years old so we haven’t set the details yet.”

The 6th episode of the show, in which Park appeared and aired on June 30 at 11:00 at night, received 1.427 percent of the average audience rating and 1.984 percent of the highest audience rating. The show is keeping their high popularity by airing unconventional content.


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