Super Junior’s Donghae Announces Opening of “The Grand Place” in Taiwan

Super Junior’s Donghae keeps giving surprises to his fans.

The singer posted a message on Twitter announcing the opening of a place in Taiwan where he will communicate with his fans.

Hi, everyone ~~ I am SJ’s Donghae ~! This time, me and my brother have opened up a small place that I can use to communicate with fans in Taiwan~ ~
December 12th! !
“The Grand place” (^ ^)
(Zhong Xiao East Road, Section 4, Alley 27, Lane 216, the 16th)
Hope you have fun here ~!

The opening of “The Grand Place” will be on December 12th and will be a place where the singer and his fans can get closer. There aren’t many details about what this store is about but the usual bushiness around the area include cafes and restaurants.


Super Junior’s Kibum Cast In First Chinese Drama

Super Junior’s Kibum has been cast as the lead actor in the upcoming Chinese drama ”Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils”, marking the first time the idol will act in a Chinese series.

The new show will be based off the 1960s novel by the same name written by Jin Yong. The story revolves around the “Eight Races” in Buddhist mythology.

“I’m honored to be playing such a great role in a great production. I’m pretty nervous since this is my first Chinese drama, but I’ve discussed my role with the director and will do my best to portray my character,” the idol stated. Wallace Chung and Meng Zhang will be costarring in the series alongside Kibum. “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils” will premiere during the 2nd half of 2013.


Super Junior’s Shindong talks about the yo-yo effect of dieting

Super Junior’s Shindong talked about the yo-yo effect of dieting.

On the November 26th episode of KBS‘ ‘Hello‘, Shindong shared, “I experience an extreme case of the yo-yo effect. People around me always get surprised when they see me and ask if I’m either gaining weight or losing weight. People may be surprised, but I’m losing weight right now“.

For his problem, MC Shin Dong Yup suggested, “Just leave your body to whatever your hearts desire“, making everyone in the studio laugh.

The yo-yo effect refers to the constant up and down of a persons weight during dieting much like the up and down motion of a yo-yo.

Super Junior and others awarded at the ’19th Acting Prize of Republic Korea’

The ‘19th Acting Prize of Republic Korea‘ award ceremony was held on November 28th at the Gyeonggido Bundang Seongnam Art Center.

For the singers, Super Juniorreceived the ‘Group Singer Award‘. Donghae and Yesung were present from Super Junior to receive the award.

There were other awards given to senior singers, song editors and producers, choreographers, ballerinas, and other entertainment fields.

Everybody out there, whom you, yourself said that you are an EVERLASTING FRIEND, watch this video and be proud

I do not know what else to say but to cry.

We will always love you, Super Junior.

9 members standing on the stage, I know the other 2 are backstage. And Youngwoon, Kibum, Hankyung, are all watching this.