121212 [English] Leeteuk’s Letter to Strong Heart

I am training soldier number 85, Park Jungsoo who is putting down his title as a “Hallyu Star” for a little while to reform into a man of South Korea! I’ve adapted to this place very well and is leading a very healthy life.
From suju’s leader to an army leader now, I am now taking care of 240 training soldiers by representing them as the company commander.
At this place, its time to go to bed at 10. Once I laid down, I will recall Dongyeobbie-hyung’s rated 19 comment. I kept not being able to sleep well at night..imagining things at this place. I am completely going crazy.
Dongwookie-hyung! You’ve won the best newcomer award at the entertainment awards this time. I’m congratulating you in advance.
Boom hyung! When you come to visit, don’t come alone. From the bottom of my heart! Don’t laugh.
Eunhyuk-ah! You liked it that hyung went (to the army) right? You don’t have much (time) left either.
And Kyungrimmie noona and Juri, you guys are doing well right? After coming to the army, I found out a new truth. (The people in my) company said that the 2 of you are pretty! It was really a shock.
Gisoo-hyung! Its late but congratulations on your marriage! Luckily I enlisted before the wedding dinner (so) I saved on the money gift!
Until that day when I get discharged from the army! Everyone, be healthy and happy~ but 29th July 2014[that day that he gets discharged]…will that day come…? I will work hard in my army life in order to come back~! Salute!


Cr: teukables

Everybody out there, whom you, yourself said that you are an EVERLASTING FRIEND, watch this video and be proud

I do not know what else to say but to cry.

We will always love you, Super Junior.

9 members standing on the stage, I know the other 2 are backstage. And Youngwoon, Kibum, Hankyung, are all watching this.

Super Junior′s Leeteuk Changes His Mind about Making a Girlfriend

Super Junior′s Leeteuk has decided to wait a bit longer for his other half to show up.

The Super Junior members got together for a photo shoot with High Cut

in a winter vacance concept.

In the interview with the magazine, Leeteuk said, “I plan to go through the broadcasting station and thank all the producers and screenwriters whohelped me. I received a plaque from the chief director of the station a while ago while I was wrapping up for Star King, and I felt so sorry. I started off in a corner of the show as a panel member four years ago, then became the supporting MC and finally the main MC. Now I know how fun it is to host a show, but I have to leave.”

He then added about his girlfriend issue, “I did try to find a girlfriend. I heard letters from your girlfriend really cheer you up in the training camp, but everyone in the end concluded, ′But you′re going to the army.′ I think I′ll have to try again after my release.”

Leeteuk will be joining the army to serve his duties on October 30.

Donghae said about the enlistment, “I think [Leeteuk] hyung′s (big brother) absence from the far left side of the stage will really hit us when we say hello or wrap up.”

Eunhyuk agreed, “I′ll really be feeling [Leeteuk] hyung′s empty spot. Since our leader will be gone, I hope our members start to think all of us are like leaders.”

Super Junior′s photo spread can be found in the 88th edition of High Cut issued on October 18.


source: E! News World

Super Junior will have no leader while Leeteuk is in the army

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk has barely over a week until his enlistment on the 30th.

In an interview, he brightly revealed, “Time really does fly. Just a few days ago, I told Donghae, ‘There’s only 13 days left’, and Donghae said, ‘Hyung, it’s 12 days.’ And now there’s about a week. I feel like I’ve experienced how time flies by so fast. I read that the world looks different according to how I think, so I’m trying to be optimistic.

Even though member Kangin had gone and come back from the army and Heechul is currently enlisted, Leeteuk’s absence from the group has a different meaning because he has been the team’s center as its leader.

When asked who would be the leader in his place, he laughed and answered, “The members are so good that I’m just going to leave. If I give the spot to someone else and he does it so well, I’m going to have no place to stand when I come back. I’m going to tell them that I trust them and just go. I’m a bit worried, of course. The worst case scenario would be seeing the team weaken when I’m gone. I think.. I think that’d be hard. But I trust the members. I believe they’ll do well.


source: allkpop.com