Super Junior Disappointed All the Members Weren’t Able to Be Together

Super Junior has expressed its disappointment that not all its members could be together for the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA).

Super Junior won big at the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards, held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center on November 30, as it took home the Best Line Award, Best Global Group Award and Album of the Year Award.

Following their big win, Super Junior shared, “We’re sad Leeteuk and Choi Siwon couldn’t be here with us.”

On winning the Album of the Year Award, Eunhyuk shared, “We’ve been very active with our sixth album in 2012, and we’re so happy to see such a return and thankful. As this is an award that was possible because so many purchased this album we poured our sweat and everything into, we are quite happy. I also want to say I think K-Pop singers were particularly active this year and I am so proud of them.”

Kangin added, “I believe Leeteuk watched from the army too. If he was watching he will have been extremely happy and probably disappointed he couldn’t stand on stage too. We were supposed to fill the stage with Super Junior, but we’re also sad Siwon couldn’t be here either. Based on my own experiences, I believe Leeteuk will return from his service as a better person and is working hard in there. I really feel Leeteuk’s empty spot today and miss him.”

When asked about Super Junior K.R.Y’s future activities, Yesung said, “Super Junior-M is preparing for activities in China, while Super Junior K.R.Y finished its Budokan performance.”

The Super Junior members added on a final note, “We’re happy we can close 2012 on such a high note. We will work hard to be an even more humble group in 2013.”



Yesung talks about being mistaken for Kim Jong Il’s son

Super Junior‘s Yesung talked about being mistaken for being the son of former North Korean leaderKim Jong Il on ‘Strong Heart‘.

Back in 2009, Swiss and German newspapers had run articles with pictures of the Super Junior member depicted as Kim Jong Il’s son, Kim Jong UnBoom introduced the topic by saying, “This story was shushed and avoided by everyone. There were rumors of Yesung being Chairman Kim Jong Il’s third son. It was written on German and Swiss newspapers.”

Yesung said, “My real name is Kim Jong Woon. Because our names are similar and my pictures are all over the internet, I think the foreign newspapers misused my picture. The picture they used is actually a photo from our first single jacket.

MC Shin Dong Yup asked, “What does your father do?” and Yesung answered, “He owns an eyewear store in Myung Dong.



120924 [Full Interview/ Trans] Singles Magazine featuring Eunhyuk

When I just debuted, I felt that I looked
good in my make up, so I have tried not
removing my make up, not undoing my
hairstyle, and not changing into my normal clothes. Now thinking that back, I still so excited”.

I went to Greece.
If saying that we are a group without holidays, prefer that saying holidays was something that our group works for to achieve. In this 10 years, I’ve never went for a holiday or overseas without my members. Sometimes I think “How about going holiday when have time, and just tell the rest of them when I return?” So this time, I went to Greece, and even went to visit Santorini. I heard that there was beach that looks like heaven? really curious. hahaha!”

Although Eunhyuk is a cheerful and opened person, sometimes he would also feel lonely. Being on stage and putting all his effort into perfomance. using all his strengh. with fans cheering him down stage, its wouldn’t be easy for him to get used when he returns to his normal life. With this he have sudden change of surroundings, feelings of loneliness. But
after so many years, learned how to enjoy this feeling.

“When listening to music or driving around can make instansly better. I’m not emotional person and I wont take my negative feelings in me continuesly for long time. I’m someone who always looks upwards. Its hard to say, driving a car? when I see people passed my car, soreading on road. I will think they’re cool”.

I want to say thank you to our company, that give us a full official albums, the most memorable things would be our own album. For singers is most precious.
“When I started like to dance, my dream also already been set. When I was in grade 6 of elementary school, I have already aimed to become a singer. After watching HOT performance, I would follow their steps and learn to dance, and felt like I discovered a route for myself. I’ve thought of being a soccer player back then, but when I changed goals and wanted to be a singer, my dream has never faded since then. I’ve also never thought of what would happen if I failed. I’m the type of person who must to succeed no matter what, so even as a trainee, I’ve
never felt tired. When I just debuted, I’ve
always felt that our group will be the
group that is going to be succeed. Whatever sometimes I might worry, but once I wake up the next morning, all my worries would be gone. Because I believed that I can at that time, I’ve always worked hard.

Kangin Finishes Successful Comeback with Musical “Princess Hours”

Super Junior member Kangin finished a successful musical comeback with musical “Princess Hours” (also known as “Goong” which translates to “Palace”) with a final performance on September 13 in Tokyo, Japan.

The 2006 MBC drama “Princess Hours” which starred Yoon Eun Hye, Joo Ji Hoon (currently starring in SBS drama “Five Fingers”), Kim Jung Hoon, and Song Ji Hyo (currently a regular on SBS variety/reality show “Running Man”), was made into a musical in Japan.  The musical “Princess Hours” was performed from September 1 through 13 at the Gotanda U-Port Hall in Tokyo, Japan.

Super Junior member Kangin, along with Supernova member Sungmo, was cast in the lead role of Crown Prince Lee Shin, with Sungmo acting in the lead role from September 1 through 7, and Kangin acting in the leading role from September 8 through 13.