Zhou Mi 조미

Birth name: Zhou Mi (周觅)
Nicknames: Siwon (since he looks like him), Gentleman Mimi
Birthday: April 19, 1986
Siblings: Only Child
Height/Weight: 185cm/64Kg
Hobbies: Singing, Writing Lyrics, Korean, Hosting
Position: Subvocals
Singer, MC, Lyricist, Dancer

Subgroubs: Super Junior M (only) Leader of SJM (replaced Hangeng as leader after Hangeng left SM Entertainment in 2009)
Religion: Atheist
– Zhou Mi is kind of known for being a mini-Siwon as he is also as a very gentlemen like personality, however he tends to be dorkier than Siwon.

– Before joining SME, Zhou Mi had already made a name of himself in China by competing and winning many different televised music competitions.
– Zhou Mi never directly auditioned for SME, instead a friend submitted an entry for him through the “recommend a friend” option and due to the fact he could sing in Korean fluently, he quickly won over the judges and was asked to join the company.
– Many fans had very harsh negative reaction to his addition to Super Junior, so an attempted to appease them and make sure the boys were not hurt, SME made him only part of Super Junior-M. However many fans are still not happy and like to boo when Zhou Mi is singing. Recently he was named the new leader of SJM after Hangeng left the company.



Year Competition Aired Awards Won
2002 MTVPantene New Voices Competition MTV Best Male Singer (National)
2003 Wenquxing Crazy for the Stars Star Ambassador Selection Competition Hunan TV Happy Camp Energetic Star
Shanghai Asia Music Festival Newcomer Competition First place (Beijing area)Newcomer Award (National)
2005 MTVMusic Nation Idol Competition MTV First place (National)
The 3rd MTVSamsung School Campus: Breath of Fresh Air Singing Competition MTV Third place (Guangdong)University Idol Singer Award (National)
Converse School Campus Music Festival First place (National)
Warner Music Singing Competition First place (National)
China Mobile Moves the Land “Emotional New Voices” Competition CETV First place (China)2005 Newcomer Award (China)
MTVOlay New Talent Competition First place (Guangdong)
2006 CCTV Challenging the Host Hosting Competition CCTV Final 16 (National)Note: Dropped out of competition to go to Korea.)
2007 S.M. UCC CONTEST Celebrity Challenge “Explosive! category” First place (“Most Strongly Recommended” category)

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