Sungmin 성민

Birth name: Lee Sungmin (이성민)
Nicknames: Minimi, Pumpkin Guy, Sungmin Who’s Too Cute for Us, The Prince of Pink, Rabbit
Birthday: January 1, 1986
Siblings: Younger brother Lee Sungjin
Height: 175 cm/57 kg
Hobbies: Chinese martial arts, Acting, Watching movies, Playing instruments
Position: Sub Vocals
Singer, Dancer, Actor, Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums

Subgroubs: Super Junior T, Super Junior H, Super Junior M
Religion: Christian

– Sungmin is considered the aegyo boy of Super Junior and uses that to his advantage by acting extremely cute and silly on all the television and radio shows that he appears in. He really has thing for the color pink.
– Sungmin loves to play different instruments and can never decided on which instrument he wants to play next. Currently he plays piano, guitar, drums, harmonica and also own a violin and clarinet, but doesn’t play them well.
– Sungmin took a class on how to give massages and is really good, both Leeteuk and Heechul come to him with random spots hurting to get a message.
– Like Shindong, He owns a scooter which he calls Byul (별 which means Star) and often goes riding with Shindong, with whom he also shares a love of photography


Year Album Track Artist Notes
2007 Student’s Cheer song “소중한 열매” (Power) Sungmin feat CSJH Dana/Lina
2008 ROCK&GO “明日のために” (For Tomorrow) Sungmin feat Japanese duo Moeyan released on Super Junior-T Japanese single
2008 Sanggeunie’s Hope album “지금 만나러 가요” (Now We Go to Meet) Yesung, Sungmin written by Leeteuk, Sungmin

Soundtrack contributions

Year Title Track Artist
2007 Homicide Investigation Team OST “히트” (H.I.T) K.R.Y, Kangin, Sungmin, Donghae
“Success” Sungmin, Donghae, Ryeowook, Yesung
2010 Haru OST “Angel” Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun
The President OST “입술을 깨물고” (Biting my Lips) Sungmin, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun
2012 We Need a Fairy OST “Oh Wa” Sungmin


Year Title Role Notes
2007 Attack on the Pin-Up Boys Flower Boy Victim #1, the popular pretty boy limited release in South Korea

Television dramas

Year Title Role Network Notes
2005 Sisters of the Sea young Kang Dong-shin MBC
2005 Charnel House Boy young baseball player boy KBS one-episode drama
2006 Banjun Theater: Finding Lost Time Yoochun‘s bestfriend SBS one-episode drama
2008 Super Junior Unbelievable Story main role / himself MBC one-episode drama
2010 The President Jang Sung-min KBS

Variety shows

Date Network Title Note
2007 MNET Hello Chat VJ With Shindong
Idol World regular MC with Super Junior-T
Girls’ Generation Goes to School narrator
2008 MBC Idol Show Season 1 regular MC with Super Junior-Happy
Unbelievable Outing S3 with LeeteukShindongEunhyukDonghaeYesung and Kangin
2009 KBS Miracle Show with LeeteukShindongEunhyuk and Kangin
Intimate Note ep24 and ep25 with Super Junior
MBC Oppa Band regular MC, vocalist/guitarist with Jungmo of TRAX
2011 KBS Happy Together S3 ep176 with cast of The President
28 May 2012 MBC Come to Play King of Cooking special with Ryeowook

Musical theatre

Date Title Role Notes
2009 Royal Musical Akilla Ro male lead
18 February – 18 April 2010 Hong Gildong Hong Gildong male lead with Yesung
5 July – 14 August 2011 (South Korea)
September 2012 (Japan)
Jack the Ripper Daniel male lead with Ahn Jae-wookUm Ki Joon, and Lee Ji-hoon
with Ahn Jae-wook

Radio shows

Date Name Note
4 June 2007 – 3 February 2008
3 February – 30 July 2008
Chunji Reckless Radio (천방지축 라디오) with Sooyoung
with Sunny
5 December 2011 – present Super Junior Kiss the Radio (Sukira) with Ryeowook

Music videos

Year Track Album Artist Notes
2010 “Let’s Go” 2010 G-20 Seoul summit G20 Summit Artists group of 20 artists
2012 Oppa, Oppa Japanese single Donghae & Eunhyuk with Shindong

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