Leeteuk 이특

Stage Name: Leeteuk (이특)

The name `Leeteuk` means special, that why his twitter name starts with special and 1004 means angel
Real Name: Park Jugsu (박정수)
Nicknames:Angel Without Wings, Teuki Teuki, Angel-Teuk, Leada Park, Peter Pan, Umma
Birthday: July 1, 1983
Siblings: an older sister (Park In Young)
Height/Weight: 178cm /59kg
Hobbies: Composing, Singing, Listening to Music, Piano
Group Position: Leader and Sub Vocals

Singer, Dancer, Actor, Radio DJ, Television Host, MC, Piano

Subgroubs: Super Junior T, Super Junior H

Religion: Christian

– Leeteuk has the tendency to be very caring, bright and cheerful, always bring smiles to the other members face, cracking really lame jokes, and making sure that they are ready for everything, but he also goes through bouts of depression and sometimes feels lonely or starts crying for no reason. During this time, he his very thankful to have the other members to cheer him up

– Outside of being a member of SJ, he is also a frequent member of variety shows, and MC and a radio DJ. He says that he loves being a radio DJ the most because he can fulfill other’s dream

– Leeteuk is an excellent leader, but he is a terrible driver.  When the other members are in the car with him, they always make sure they have seat belts and are terrified.  However he tends to think that he is the best.
– Leeteuk auditioned because he wanted to go to the University, but he wasn’t the brightest.  Therefore, instead he wanted to impress them with his  dance skills and created a dance troop to show his talent.  Shortly after an SME talent scout gave him a card and Leetuek got into SME.

Soundtrack contributions

Date Track Title Artist
3 January 2012 “Bravo” History of a Salaryman OST with Key of Shinee


Year Title Role Notes
2007 Attack on the Pin-Up Boys School panda mascot (Uncredited) limited release in South Korea
2010 Super Show 3 3D himself 3-D concert film
2012 Exo Showcase MC Showcase

Television drama

Year Title Network Notes
2000 All About Eve MBC extra
2006 Rainbow Romance MBC cameo
2006 Super Junior Mini-Drama Mnet supporting role, ensemble cast (5 episodes)
2008 Super Junior Unbelievable Story MBC supporting role
2011 Dream High KBS2 cameo
2011 The Women of Our Home KBS cameo (uncredited)

Variety shows

Year Title Network Notes
2005–08 M! Countdown Mnet host
2005–06 Super Junior Show Mnet regular
11 November 2007–3 February 2008 Explorers of the Human Body SBS regular (13 episodes)
2008 Unbelievable Outing (Season 3) ComedyTV regular
2008 Idol Show MBC host
2009–10 Challenge Golden Ladder KBS host
2009 Challenge! Good Song KBS host
2009–10 Oh! Brothers SBS host
2009-present Strong Heart SBS regular guest
2010–11 Enjoy Today MBC host
2010–11 Super Junior’s Foresight MBC host
2011–present Star King SBS host with Boom

Reality shows

Year Title Network Notes
2006 Mystery 6 Mnet supporting role (6 episodes)
2006 Princess Diary Mnet regular
2006 Super Junior Full House SBS recurring
2006 Super Adonis Camp Mnet Regular
2007–08 Leeteuk’s Love Fighter host
2008 Bachelor While on a Date Mnet host
2008 Introducing Star’s Friend MBC host
2009 Miracle KBS host
2009 Lord of the Rings MBC host with Eunhyuk and Shindong
2010 Love Chaser MBC host
2011 Sistar & LeeTeuk’s Hello Baby KBS Joy main role
2011–present We Got Married (Season 3) MBC Regular with Kang Sora (episode 25–present)

Radio shows

Date Name Note
21 August 2006–4 December 2011 Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio (Sukira) with Eunhyuk

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Nomination Result
2009 SBS Entertainment Awards Best Newcomer Award (Variety) Star King and Strong Heart Won
2011 Excellence Award (Talk Show Division) Strong Heart Won
2012 Mnet 20’s Choice Awards 20′s Variety Star himself Pending

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