Kibum 기범

Birth name: Kim Kibum (김기범)
Nickname: Snow White
Birthday: August 21, 1987
Siblings: Younger sister Kim Saehee
Height/Weight: 179cm (actual 177cm)/58Kg
Hobbies: practicing singing, practicing facial expressions
Position: Rapper
Singer, Dancer, Actor, Rapper, Model

Sub Groups: None
Religion: Christian

– The other members of SuJu say that Kibum is a cheerful and calm person, but he is known for being less talkative then the other members. Out of Super Junior, he is the one that speaks the least. He also has a special way of covering his mouth with his hand when laughing.
– Since vanishing from Super Junior’s group actives, he played the male lead in the movie “Jumunjin,” which was released January 21, 2010 and appeared in a stage play called ” A (Middle) Nap.” He was also the main character is Super Junior’s full length film, “Attack on the Pin-Up Boys”
– Although he was born in Korea, he lived in LA most of his life and was picked by a talent scouts of the streets without even hearing him sing or watching him dance.
– Despite living in Los Angeles, Kibum has admitted that he’s not that good at English. He says that he only know enough to be polite to foreigners and ask them basic questions.

– Kibum debuted as an child actor and says that his dream is to be remembered as actor. Currently, he is perusing acting instead of taking part of the group’s activities. He has not appeared with the group since the video for “It’s You.”



Year Title Role Notes
2007 Attack on the Pin-Up Boys Kibum- Narrator Limited release in South Korea
2010 Jumunjin Ghost

Television series

Year Network Title Role
2004 KBS April Kiss Young Han Jungwoo
2005 MBC Rainbow Romance Kim Kibum
SBS Marrying a Millionaire Young Kim Younghoon
KBS Sharp 2 Joo Yuhmyoung
2006 SBS Snow Flower Ha Yeongchan
2008 MBC Chunja’s Happy Events Park Jungwoo
2011 SBS Deep Rooted Tree Pak Paengnyeon
2012 TvN I Love Lee Tae Ri Geum Eun Dong

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