Heechul 희철

Stage name: Heechul (희철)

Birth name: Kim Heechul (김희철)
Nicknames:Heenim, Cinderella, Lady Hee Hee
Birthday: July 10, 1983
Siblings: Older sister Kim Heejin
Height: 179cm (actual 178cm)/60Kg
Hobbies: Writing poems, Writing fairy tales, Computer games
Position: Sub leader, rapper, sub vocal

Singer, Dancer, Actor, Radio DJ, Television Host, MC, Model
Subgroubs: Super Junior T

Religion: Atheist
– On the outside, Heechul acts like a confident princess, because he constantly brags about his good looks , how popular he is and acts nosy and entitled, but he is actually very shy and not that social outside the shows and doesn’t know how to express himself fully.
– Heechul is considered a princess, because he loves girl idols and is constantly memorizing their songs and dances. He also loves to write poems and fairytales in his spare time.
– Out of all the members, Heechul is the one that speaks up the most when he thinks that fans are mistreating the other members. He doesn’t really care that this is not the idol image, he only cares about what he sees as right or wrong
– Before Super Junior, Heechul was an actor. In 2009, he almost quit Super Junior to become a full time actor, but when making choreo, the members purposely left a spot for Heechul and this along with a visit from Eunhyuk convinced him to stay.
– When he auditioned in 2002, he actually showed up late, but they let him try out anyways. Looking back on his tape, not even Heechul knows why he got casted. He says that he tried out because he loves entertainment and he wanted to make his parents happy
– Heecul currently has two cats: Heebum (Russian Blue) and Champagne (Siamese).


Year Film Role Notes
2007 Attack on the Pin-Up Boys Kim Hee-chul, the Ultra Junior president Supporting role, ensemble cast
2010 Super Show 3 3D Himself 3-D concert film


Year Title Role Network Notes
2005 Sharp 2 Baek Jin-woo KBS Supporting role
2005 Loveholic Young chef KBS Cameo appearance
2006 Mystery 6 Himself Mnet Supporting role
2006 Bad Family Gong Min SBS Supporting role
2005–07 Rainbow Romance Heechul MBC Leading role
2007–08 Golden Bride Kim Young-soo SBS Supporting role
2009 TaeHee HyeGyo JiHyun Himself MBC Cameo appearance
2009–10 I Love You Ten Million Times Lee Chul SBS Supporting role
2010 I am Legend Himself SBS Cameo appearance
2011 Youth Melody Shen Taiyi CCTV Supporting role

Variety shows

Date Title Network Notes
5 May–30 June 2007 Idol World KM regular MC with Super Junior-T
11 November 2007–3 February 2008 Explorers of the Human Body SBS regular (13 episodes)
2008 Intimate Note ep24 and ep25 with Super Junior
14 September 2008 Because I Like You SBS with Kim Gun-mo, Yoo Sae-yoon
May – July 2010 Family Outing 2 SBS regular member
5 December 2010 Running Man SBS guest (ep 20)
2011 Radio Star MBC host

Awards and Nominations

Year Award Nominated work Result
Summer Break Mnet 20’s Choice Awards
2007 Best Pretty Boy Heechul Won
GoKpop Music Awards
2010 Best use of social media (facebook, twitter, etc.) Heechul Won
AllKPop Awards
2010 Best Social Network Personality 2011 Heechul Won
MBC Entertainment Awards
2011 Rookie Award (Show/Entertainment) Heechul: Radio Star Won

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