Hankyung 한경

Stage Name: Hankyung (Korean) (한경)/ Hangeng (Chinese) (韩庚)
Birth name: Han Geng (韩庚)
Nicknames: Beijing Fried Rice, Eagle, The Miracle of 1.3 Million, Angel of Heilung Jiang, 3-Year-Old
Birthday: February 9, 1984
Siblings: Only child
Height/Weight: 181cm/66kg
Hobbies: Chinese traditional dance, Ballet, Computer games
Position: Dance and Sub Vocals

Singer, Actor, Dancer, Model, Piano
Subgroups: Super Junior M

Religion: Atheist

– He is known for being really kind and cooking for the other members, however due to the language barrier, on tv shows he seems a bit slower on the up take and gets teased for spacing out by the rest of the group.
– Is one of Super Junior’s best dancers, because he went to Beijing Dance Academy and knows 56 types of Chinese minority dances.
– He is the only Chinese member in the main Super Junoir and SME picked him, and only him, from 3000 people that auditioned in their first Chinese audition
– He has currently releasing his first solo album in China.

*Left SM-Entertainment and Super Junior in 2009 after filing a law-suit against SME for “unlawful and overly restrictive” contracts*


Album Information Tracklisting (Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese)
Geng Xin

  • Released: 27 July 2010
  • CHN: 530,000+


Year Song Title Notes
2008 “北京欢迎你/(Beijing Welcomes You)” with Various Artists, for 100-day countdown of 2008 Beijing Olympics
“青春梦想/Youth Dreams” OST for drama “青春舞台/Youth Stage”
2010 “世界看中国/The World Watches China” China Element Theme Song for 2010 Shanghai Expo
“不能忘却的纪念/Unforgettable Memories” with Tan Jing for 150th anniversary of burning of the Old Summer Palace
“大手小手/Big Hand, Small Hand” with Olivia Ong for Music Radio Kappa 1200 Schooling Aid
“回家过年/Returning Home for New Years” solo version of Opening Performance for 2011 Spring Gala
“孩子/Children” with various artists for Anti-Child Trafficking Awareness Campaign
“亚运有我精彩之极/With me the Asian Games Become Exciting” with Zhou Bichang for the 2010 Asian Games
“我是火焰/I am a Flame” theme song for the volunteers of the 2010 Asian Games
“虹/Iris” theme song for the torch of the 2011 Summer Universiade
2011 “如梦令/Like a Dream” OST for movie “大武生/My Kingdom”

Film and Television

Title Year Role Notes
Nonstop (TV drama) 2006 Himself Cameo appearance (Season 6, episode 136)
Attack on the Pin-Up Boys 2007 Hankyung, the basketball player Supporting Role, Ensemble Cast
Stage of Youth (TV drama) 2009 Xia Lei Male Lead (12 episodes)
My Kingdom 2011 Meng Erkui Male Lead
The Founding of a Party 2011 Deng Xiaoping Cameo Appearance
The First President 2011 Hu Hanmin Supporting Role
To Our Youth that will Eventually Fade 2012 (in production) Lin Jing Male Lead

Music Video Appearances for Other Artists

Year Song Title Artist
2006 “Timeless” Zhang Liyin (Feat. Xiah of TVXQ)
2008 “I WILL” Zhang Liyin
“The Left Shore of Happiness” Zhang Liyin 

Individual Achievements

Music Awards

Year Date Award Show Award Won
2010 04/11 Meng Niu Music Billboard Awards Most Promising Newcomer
8/21 Meng Niu Future Star Festival Children’s Favorite Male Singer
10/18 CCTV-MTV Music Awards Won Mainland Most Popular Male Singer
12/19 Meng Niu Newcomer Awards Best Newcomer
12/29 Tencent Star Awards Male Singer of the Year
2011 01/08 China Power Fashion Awards Most Talented Male Singer of the Year
01/19 Sina Network Awards Male Singer of the Year
02/17 CCTV My Favorite Spring Gala Program Music Category 2nd Place – Returning Home for New Years
01/21 Sprite Chinese Music Awards Best Male Singer of the Year
Favorite Idol of the Year
Golden Melody of the Year: Heartache Notebook
02/07 Baidu Entertainment Hottest Awards Golden Song of the Year – My Logo
03/19 Eastern Billboard Annual Awards All-Round Entertainer of the Year
Golden Song of the Year: My Logo
04/09 Global Chinese Golden Chart Awards Most Popular Newcomer
Singapore 100.3 Radio Most Dedicated Song – My Logo
Top 20 Golden Songs – Say No
04/11 Meng Niu Music Billboard Awards Most Popular Male Singer of the Year
04/15 Channel [V] Music Awards Won Mainland Most Popular Male Singer
04/24 Music Radio China Top Chart Awards Most Popular Newcomer
Best Mainland All-Round Artist
Top 15 Golden Songs of the Year – Say No
05/05 L’OFFICIEL HOMMES Fashion Star Award Ceremony Music Scene New Power
06/24 China Mobile 5th Wireless Music Ceremony Artist of the Year
Most Popular Singer Search Term
08/21 LUX Fashion Power Awards Asian Idol of the Year
11/02 Bazaar Successful Individual of the Year Awards Absolute Star Attraction Award
11/16 East Fashion 50 Most Beautiful People Ceremony Beauty of Hard Work
12/04 BTV Influential People of the Decade Ceremony Most Popular Idol Singer

Acting Awards

Year Date Award Show Award Won
2010 11/27 Avant-Garde Star Ceremony Most Anticipated Collaboration
2011 03/01 Hua Ding PASSAT Awards Most Anticipated Mainland Chinese Actor
11/11 New York Chinese Film Festival Most Popular Asian Artist
12/04 BTV Influential People of the Decade Ceremony Most Popular New Actor

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