Eunhyuk 은혁

Birth Name: Lee Hyukjae (이혁재)
Nicknames: Monkey, Gem Adonis, Little Mermaid, Cockroach, Hallyu Star, Hyojjae, Hyukgoo
Birthday: April 4, 1986
Siblings: Older sister Lee Sora
Height: 176 cm (real height: 174cm)/58 kg
Hobbies: Dancing (all genres), Exercising, Listening to music
Position: Rapper, dance
Rapper, Dancer, Singer, Actor, Radio Host, MC, Piano

Subgroubs: Super Junior H, Super Junior T, Super Junior M
Religion: Christian

– He is known as the dancing king of Super Junior and is responsible for choreographing some of their dances. He is also a composer and lyricist and has penned some of Super Junior album’s tracks.
– Despite having a what looks like a tough exterior, Eunhyuk is one of the members that cries the most and probably the one that is most caring of the other boys and treats them all like rear brothers.
– Eunhyuk and friend Xiah (Tohoshinki) went to the audition together, Xiah passed but Eunhyuk didn’t, then when he saw Xiah on stage, he called to him and burst into tears. Hearing this Xiah said that he wanted to Eunhyuk on stage soon too, so he auditioned again and passed.
– Out of all members, he is the one that eats the most when they go out and constantly wears shoe-lifts


Year Title Role Other notes
2007 Attack on the Pin-Up Boys himself limited release in South Korea

Television series

Year Title Role Network Other notes
2006 Rainbow Romance himself MBC Guest star (Ep. 104)
2008 We Got Married himself MBC Guest star (Ep. 29, 30. Alex and Shin Ae)
2009 Let’s Go Dream Team Season 2 himself KBS Regular
2010 100 points out of 100 himself KBS Guest Star (Ep. 2,5,6,7,8)
2011 We Got Married himself MBC Guest star (Ep. 34, 35. Nichkhun and Victoria.)
2011 Dream High himself KBS Guest Star (Ep. 13 with Leeteuk)
2011 We Got Married himself MBC Guest Star (Ep. 27, 28, 35, 36. Leeteuk and Kang Sora.)

Hosting programs

Date Name Note
2006 – March 27, 2008 Mnet M! Countdown with LeeteukShindong
January 7, 2008 – April 5, 2008 ComedyTV Unbelievable Outing Season 3 with Super Junior-HappyDonghae
July 10, 2008 – October 9, 2008 MBC Idol Show Season 1 with Super Junior-Happy
2009 KBS Miracle with LeeteukShindongSungminKangin
September 16, 2009 (pilot episode only) MBC Lord of the Ring with LeeteukShindong[21]
2009 – July 2010 “SBS Star King” (regular host) with Leeteuk
2009–present “SBS Strong Heart” (regular host) with LeeteukShindong
2010 MBC Star Audition : The Great Birth with Shindong
December 2010 – February 2011 “Super Junior ForeSight” with LeeteukKyuhyun and various Super Junior members
2012 Great Birth 2

Radio programs

Date Name Note
August 21, 2006 – December 4, 2011 Super Junior Kiss the Radio (Sukira) with Leeteuk

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Nomination Result Ref
2009 SBS Entertainment Awards Best Newcomer Strong HeartStar King Won
2012 2011 Golden Ticket Awards Musical Up and Comer Award FAME Pending

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