Donghae 동해

Birth name: Lee Donghae (이동해)
Nickname:Fishy, Sushi, Ryeowook’s #1 Fan, Bada’s Dad, East Sea
Birthday: October 15, 1986
Siblings: older brother Lee Donghwa
Height/Weight: 175 cm/60Kg
Position: Sub Vocal, Rap, dance
Singer, Dancer, Rapper,Songwriter, Actor, Piano, Guitar

Subgroubs: Super Junior M
Religion: Christian

– Donghae is the adorable kid member of Super Junior. All the members say that his personality is closer to a 5 year olds than 23 year old. He believes in both aliens and ghost, is extremely ticklish and loves to play jokes with Eunhyuk.

– He is also very straightforward in the way that he talks and worries that some times people might take what he says the wrong way. He loves attention and says that he feels lonely frequently.

– Donghae really enjoys learning how to play new instruments (piano, guitar, drums, violin) and has recently taken all his knowledge and started composing songs for Super Junior’s albums.

– Since is name, Donghae, means “Big Sea” most of his nicknames are related to that meaning. He also has a dog (Bichon Maltese) that he named “Bada” which means sea as well. (He has a second dog as well, named Meo, but that is short for Romeo.)

– When he was younger, he wanted to be an athlete, but because of the fact he kept dancing in front of his father, his father suggested that he be a singer instead. At first Donghae turned him down, but after seeing an ad in the newspaper, he showed it his dad and his dad gave him money to try out. Sadly, during his 6 years training, he spent most of the time away from his family and shortly after he debuted and Donghae returned home to give him his first check, his father passed away. From then on, Donghae promised to always do his best to fulfill his father’s dream.



Year Title Role Notes
2007 Attack on the Pin-Up Boys Lee Dong-hae, the best friend Supporting role, ensemble cast
2010 Super Show 3 3D Himself 3-D concert film

Television dramas

Year Title Role Notes
2006 Mystery 6 Himself Leading role (6 episodes)
2006 Super Junior Mini-Drama Donghae Supporting role, ensemble cast (5 episodes)
2009 Stage of Youth Donghai Cameo appearance (Episode 12)
2010–11 It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl Choi Wook-gi Supporting role
2011–12 Skip Beat! Shang Jieyong / Bu Po Shang Male lead
2012 Miss Panda and Hedgehog Ko Seung-ji Leading role (filming)

Variety shows

Date Title Network Notes
6 December 2005–24 April 2006 Super Junior Show KM
30 March–4 May 2006 Mystery 6 Main character
11 November 2007–3 February 2008 Explorers of the Human Body SBS Regular (13 episodes)

Music videos


Year Song Artist(s)
2006 Key of Heart BoA
2008 Kissing You Girls’ Generation
2009 “螢火蟲” (Firefly) Ariel Lin
2009 “Happy Bubble” with KyuhyunHan Ji-min
2009 “Moving On” Zhang Liyin
2009 S.E.O.U.L. Super Junior & Girls’ Generation
2010 SBS Strong Heart logo song with LeeteukShindongEunhyuk

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