Super Junior’s Leeteuk: “Tag along with me and I will show you everything”

Super Junior’s Leeteuk recently expressed his feelings through Twitter.

On September 19, Leeteuk tweeted, “Entertainers depend on their images. No matter what kind of personalities they have, good images can make them nice and kind. But it will not last long. Time will tell you the right answer.”

“Tag along with me just for one day. I will show you everything in my everyday life. I’ll give you my phone if you need it so you can see what kind of text messages and calls I get.”

In the September 18 episode of SBS’s Strong Heart, actress Kang Ye Sol and SISTAR’s Da Som drew a lot of attention by saying that they have received text messages from Leeteuk.

Kang made Leeteuk puzzled by saying, “I’ve appeared on a TV show with Leeteuk so I know him a little. He texts me whenever he changes his phone number.”

Da Som also said, “Leeteuk sends me text messages often. But he also texts all the other group members too. He is well known as everyone’s older brother among girl groups.”

People responded: “Leeteuk may have a playboy image.” “I think they misunderstood the text messages just saying hello.” “He can be misunderstood. Why did he send messages at dawn?” “They damaged Leeteuk’s image.” “I think they made reckless remarks.” “I feel upset as a fan of Leeteuk.”



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