Kyunhyun reveals, “I am stressed about being known as a cynical idol.”

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun revealed his honest feelings about being a cynical idol.

On the episode of tvN’s Real Live Talk Show: TAXI, which aired on the afternoon of September 20, Kyuhyun candidly confessed his dilemma about being a person who makes sharp criticisms, “It burdens me very much. I’m afraid that people will really see me as a young idol with no manners, and not mere entertainment.”

He added, “Since I am known as the criticizing idol, people ask me to say biting remarks wherever I go. I see that Kim Goo Ra is asked to do the same. I especially have a hard time when there are old people on the show.”

Kim Goo Ra says, “I never knew that you knew that people talked behind your back. I thought that Kyuhyun would be criticized when you go on air, but when I saw you, you looked so peaceful.” Kyuhyun replied, “To tell you the truth, I couldn’t sleep well before the day of the recording.”

Kim gave a good laugh by saying, “Actually, Yoon Jong Shin and Kim Gook Jin should be saying those biting remarks when the guests are pretty old, but Yoon Jong Shin is weak and Gook Jin is always sick.”

Kim Goo Ra, daily MC Kim Sung Joo, Hyo Lyn, and Kyuhyun appeared on the show and revealed their wits.


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