Kyuhyun expresses his hope of seeing Kim Gu Ra return to ‘Radio Star’

Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun talked about Kim Gu Ra‘s absence as a ‘Radio Star‘ MC while guest-starring on tvN‘s ‘Taxi‘.

Kyuhyun confessed, “Everyone involved with Radio Star had a tough time for a while.” He then brought out his jokester side as he teased, “But right now, we don’t feel your absence.” However, he once again revealed his wish for Kim Gu Ra to return to the show as he remarked, “Why don’t you just go with me [to Radio Star] and record together?”, since Kyuhyun was heading over to ‘Radio Star’ recording after his appearance on ‘Taxi’.

The idol further expressed his joy of seeing the host return to the entertainment industry commenting, “When I saw the article saying that you were coming back through ‘Taxi’, I was so happy. I asked the PD if you were coming back to ‘Radio Star’. I don’t know about the other hyungs, but I’m hanging on with the hope that you’ll come back.

Kim Gu Ra had previously stepped down from positions on all of his shows due to controversy surrounding his past statements, but re-entered the entertainment industry as a new MC for ‘Taxi’starting this month.



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