Super Junior’s Siwon surprises ‘King of Drama’ staff

Super Junior’Siwon showed up on the set of SBS‘ ’King of Drama‘ for the first day of shooting.

Even though he had no scenes to film that day, the idol visited with cake and drinks for the staff and co-star Jung Ryeo Won.

Jung Ryeo Won commented, “He is a very well-mannered and good hoobae,” and the staff members said, “I think the next 4 months will be very good because the actor who I will see more often than my family is this cool and warmhearted.

For the drama, Siwon has taken on the role of Kang Hyun Min, a famous actor with a cold image. Though normally well-mannered and a leader, he has another side of him that dislikes thinking deeply on matters and is fast to fall in and out of love.

‘King of Drama’ is set to take over the time slot of ‘Faith‘ in Novemeber.



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