Super Junior’s Leeteuk spots Eunhyuk on the runway?

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk spotted fellow member Eunhyuk on the fashion runway?

On September 13th, Leeteuk took to his Twitter to write, “I let you go on a vacation but how could you go to the fashion show.. Hyuk..” and shared the above picture on the left of a model on a fashion runway.

The picture showed a male model walking the runway in a real fashion show. The model in the picture looked strikingly similar to Eunhyuk. Leeteuk served both embarrassment and laughter to Eunhyuk by sharing the picture of a model in a skin colored, body tights.

After seeing the picture of Eunhyuk’s look alike, the netizens responded with, “I thought that was really Eunhyuk” and “Leeteuk’s Eunhyuk diss is so funny.



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