Super Junior’s Eunhyuk to be Leader After Leeteuk Departs for the Army?

If Super Junior’s Eunhyuk had it his way, he’ll be in charge once Leeteuk departs.

In the upcoming episode of MBC’s Radio Star a continuation of the special with Super Junior’s Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Choi Siwon and Shindong will continue this week.

In it, Eunhyuk will express his desire and coveting of the leader position of Super Junior once Leeteuk departs for the army explaining, “In terms of ranking, after Leeteuk is me.” Eunhyuk even follows this with a public pledge of conduct if he is made leader of Super Junior.

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same episode, the members will recount some of the big sacrifices Leeteuk made for the team as a leader and also select which member they would want to enter the army together with.

The episode airs on September 12.

Do you guys believe Eunhyuk would make the next best leader for Super Junior?


source: e! news

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