Kang Sora shares her thoughts on ending ‘We Got Married’

Actress Kang Sora shared her thoughts on leaving MBC‘s ‘We Got Married‘ series and her life as part of the “dimple couple” with Super Junior‘s Leeteuk.

Kang Sora posted to Twitter on September 8, “Soon, my final broadcast of ‘WGM’. To Kim Jun Hyun PD who’s worked hard for the past year. Do Gok Dong PD. Writers Sang Hee, Kyung Mi, Na Ol and Teuk oppa! I’m taking a lot of lessons from this. Thank you. To all the many viewers who watched too.”

Leeteuk previously expressed his feelings on ending the show as well on the 7th. He tweeted: “Sora and I’s segment on ‘WGM’ will end this week. Though I’m disappointed we couldn’t do as much as I wanted during this past year, I’m just happy to have comfortably shown the person Park Jung Soo [instead of Super Junior’s Leeteuk]. Thank you to Shin Kim Joon PD, Sang Hee and Kyung Mi nuna for all your hard work. Sora too. ^^.”

The “dimple couple”, who started their on-screen relationship last October, had their final appearance on the September 8th broadcast of the show.


source: allkpop.com

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