Super Junior talk about how their European fans threw undergarments & condoms on stage

Super Junior admitted that they were once completely shocked by the things being thrown on stage at them by fans overseas.

EunhyukLeeteukSiwon, and Shindong guest-featured on the September 5th broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘, where the boys began by saying, “The European fans are so liberal. They just grab your face and kiss you. That kind of ‘skinship’ is so natural for them.”

The members continued, “When one member experiences something like that, we should be more careful, but rather we ask where that action took place and if someone says she was beautiful, we all go over to that side,” causing the set to explode into laughter.

Shindong shared his own shocking experience by saying, “[A fan] was fumbling through her clothes, when she suddenly threw her undergarments at me. I was so shocked, but they said that’s just the culture there and it’s very natural.”

Leeteuk’s story was perhaps the most shocking as he said, “The fans were throwing gifts on stage, and at first glance, they were small vinyl packs. Upon a closer look, I realized they were condoms.”



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