Super Junior members talk about the level of Siwon’s wealth on ‘Radio Star’

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk revealed that fellow member Siwon is much wealthier than is reported in the media.

Leeteuk, Siwon, Eunhyuk, and Shindong guest-featured on the September 5th broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘ where they said, “[Siwon] is far wealthier than is reported in the media. When we talk about it, we are actually making it seem like he has less than he really does.”

Member Eunhyuk added, “Normally when people say someone is the son of a wealthy family, they are often exaggerating the truth a bit, but that isn’t the case with us.

Leeteuk then chimed in saying, “Recently, Siwon’s father moved to a bigger company. His father was also running an undergarment brand, but he passed that on to [Siwon’s] mother,” causing everyone to have a good laugh.

The members did not stop there. They continued, “We were in the car taking him home, and even just three months ago he lived in a building towards the front, but he asked us to drop him off at a building towards the back. Turns out, they were decorating the interior in the first building, so he was living in a different building.

Radio Star MC Kim Guk Jin who was shocked to learn about Siwon’s wealth remarked, “Is your house some kind of chain store?”, causing Leeteuk to once again add, “Siwon is #1 when it comes to wealthy idols. He could possibly buy out MBC,” continuing the entertaining atmosphere on set.



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