Super Junior’s Donghae and Yoon Seung Ah have a disagreement on their first date

Super Junior’s Donghae and Yoon Seung Ah have a disagreement on their first date.

In the episode of Channel A’s Panda and Hedgehog that aired on September 2, Donghae and Yoon have a date.

Panda and Hedgehog is a love story between Seung Ji (played by Donghae), a genius patissier, and Panda (played by Yoon Seung Ah), a positive girl. Set in a bakery, the series tells a story about young people’s dream and love.

In the episode, Seung Ji and Panda try to make macaroons that taste like love. Seung Ji had to make something better than Saint-Honoré for his victory and cafe Panda’s prosperity.

In order to make the macaroons, Seung Ji and Panda have a date in a cafe, a sauna, a movie theater, and a market. Seung Ji also teaches Panda how to drive.

However, their date doesn’t go smooth because of their different interests from places for a date to movies they want to watch. They squabble over many things throughout their date. Seung Ji gets angry while he is teaching Panda how to drive, and Panda goes back home first, feeling bad.

Their date gets messed up, but Seung Ji’s grandfather Byung Moo (played by Park Geun Hyung) notices their romance. Byung Moo tells Seung Ji, “That’s how you start,” trying to make Seung Ji realize his true feeling. At this, Seung Ji starts making macaroons based on his various experiences with Panda and eventually makes macaroons that are filled with love.

People responded: “They looked like real lovers when they squabbled in the middle of shopping.” “I was so excited because I could feel something sweet between the two characters.” “I was excited to see the macaroons Donghae made, thinking of Yoon Seung Ah.” “I hope Seung Ji and Panda start having a date for real.”



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