120904 [FANACC] MBC Show Champion Pre-Recording

Shindong is sick! Leeteuk & Eunhyuk will be the MC. Teuk will record at 5 & hyuk at 7

when prerec started min came up alone and quietly bowed. Then he motioned for members to come & siwon hurried up

members came on stage. Teuk oppa said “many are here today in such early morning!

a fan asked if all members would shoot again & teuk went “Why? Should we start by getting shot?”and hyuk said “ELF is wanting camera time”

teuk said he had to tell someone if they were to shoot everyone so hae said “let’s just shoot one!” so members agreed.Hae chose a random fan and teased her by saying “you stand her & get shot alone”

fans said “we’ll shoot & oppas die then!” and hyuk went “no~”

ELF went “why?” and Hyuk said “No no! it doesnt look cool.”

ELF kept wanting to shoot &hyuk smiled & said “my acting will be too realistic so everybody will think i really died.

then a fan shot Hyuk and hyuk pretended to have gotten shot xD

then the stage started. When hyuk came to corner of the stage, we waved at him. He replied with a cute smile.

during kangin’s part, min kept touching & feeling Hyuk’s butt…

After 1st prerec, teuk oppa said today’s showchamp mc is him & Hyuk. Fans went “ai~ what abt Shindong?” and Teuk said he was sick. Fans went “ai~” again and oppas went “really!!” So they got tired of trying to prove to us that they r MCs so Hyuk went “if u dont wanna come, dont!” then teuk went “what if we’re really mcs?” and when they told us Shindong was sick again, fans went “hul??!!” and min oppa went “hul… U didnt know yet!?” and other oppas went “u didnt know Shindong isnt here because he’s sick!?” min went “I’ll tell on u to shindong!!”

After 1st prerec, hyuk went “Hae’s drama recording is over” and fans screamed. Hyuk went “y scream? Do u hate it that much?

Teuk went “hae is good at acting right?” and fans went YES! Hyk went “U knowthat famous line..” & prended to be hae


as soon as hyuk said “I am Go Seungji!”,evry1 laughed &hyk got happy&kept makingnfun of hae.Hae kept telling us to be quiet xD

Kyu looked at hae trying to shush us w/ a gesture & said “Why do u not talk? TALK properly!” and Hae shushed Kyu xD

members kept teasing hae. Hae Told us to stand so we did. He shhed us again & kangin saw it& members made fun of him again xD

Oppas stood in formation after calming down but Hyuk imitated Hae again. Hae looked for who it was & wook pointed at hyuk. so Hae motioned for hyuk to come while walking to him & Hyuk ran away while he kept imitating Hae xDD

Hyuk kept running & hae laughed like he gave up. Hyuk went infront of hae and said “I. Am. Go. Seung. Ji.”

2nd prerec started (after that chaos) and Hyuk kneeled and met our eyes on that part where he comes to edge of stage!

At kangin’s part again & Min was touching Hyuk’s butt again. Hae came out for his part while slapping hyuk’s thigh xDD

Siwon went ‘did u see hae?’& imitated his choreo.Siwon went “y did u do that?”&Hae smiled awkwardly while Siwon died laughing.

After 2nd prerec, wook went “one more time please? One one one~ one~” so cute!

Teuk said “we wanna go one more time but next team is waiting: u worked hard following us for 2 months.”

Teuk said they might pull 7 yrs anniv fan meeting to an earlier date

Then Kangin randomly went “Teuk hyung isnt going!!” but teuk went “i..m going..” and Kangin made a horse sound.

teuk: 8 yrs anniv.. It’s 8 right? Kyu: *laughs at teuk* what 8 yrs? *ignores teuk*

Teuk wants to attend 7yrs fanmeet so they r trying to pull the date forward. nothing cofirmed yet


Translated by: @NKSubs
Shared at sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by: Destinyhae

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