Actor Choi Siwon for the new drama ‘The King of Dramas”

[Dispatch = gimsuji News] Super Junior Choi Si Won is considering a return to home theater.SBS-TV ‘drama’ The Lord of the appearances being offered a detailed and coordinated known.

27 ‘SM Entertainment’ Choi Si Won agency officials ‘dispatch’ from a phone conversation with “positive review appeared crew are finalized with being” scripted “favorite,” leaving open the possibility he said.

Super Junior activities period and it appeared likely to overlap. Choi Si side drama is scheduled to broadcast in December seems to be “do not overlap with the singer as he said,” If confirmed, personal appearances schedule, adjusting to the drama plans.

The proposed receiving station celebrities character. Rough and saucy, the owner of the character.Currently smoke partner Kim Myung-min and Jeong Ryeo mulmang up. Are considered in casting highly anticipated lineup alone.

‘Drama’ The Lord of the entertainment industry background drama. Captured veteran outsource production, representing celebrities and humanity that puts new writer, you do not know the compromise going on between episodes. Director janghangjun writing a sequel to ‘God’ was in charge was organized.






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