EXID entertains listeners with their charms on ‘Shim Shim Tapa’

On the 24th, EXID, along with idol group F.CUZ, guested on Super Junior Shindong‘s radio show, ‘Shim Shim Tapa‘, where the girl group captured the listeners’ hearts with their charms.

EXID performed their mini-album’s title song “I Feel Good” and “Whoz That Girl part 2” live, grabbing the attention of DJ Shindong, F.CUZ, and the listeners with their powerful vocals. The members also shared their cute aegyo and individual talents on the show. Member Hani was voted the most popular by the F.CUZ members and flaunted her talent by introducing EXID’s new album ‘Hippity Hop‘ with a freestyle rap.

Moreover, the guests and staff of ‘Shim Shim Tapa’ celebrated EXID’s new member Hyerin‘s 23rd birthday with a birthday song and a surprise cake in the middle of the show. Hyerin thanked everybody by sharing, “I really want to thank the ‘Shim Shim Tapa’ family for their warm hearts. I was a little sad that I couldn’t spend my birthday with my family because of the recent comeback, but I spent a happy birthday thanks to the EXID members and many others. I will give back with better music and performances in the future.”


Source: allkpop.com

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