120823 [ENG TRANS] Harper’s Bazaar Magazine September Issue – Leeteuk

Q1) When the newly released 6Jib <Sexy, Free & Single> title track song got Number 1, on twitter (you) wrote “It’s like the last present for the first half of my life”. Is it because the enlistment in the second half of the year is coming?

Leeteuk : Unknowingly (I’m) already 30 years old. When thinking of my enlistment this year, at first it feels distant, but slowly it starts to get real, and a little fear gets into my heart. (Being) a trainee for 5 years, an idol for 8 years (I) really worked very hard, be it group or individual I feel that I had already accomplished a lot (for them), and (I) was thinking that after I came back from army, all the things will not disappear. That’s why (I’m) positively thinking this way, because during this period (I) did a lot too, now it seems like have to divide among the groups. <STARKING>’s PD said, “You’re so annoying now.” (laughs)

Q2) Super Junior is a “Individual yet Group” representative of a successful group. Members work actively in different sectors, for your case is being the active MC for weekend variety shows. In variety sector the image that you portray seems to be your original style, or it originates from the fixed singer image of yours. Do you feel any place that are regretful regarding on this?

Leeteuk : So all the people who known me cannot imagine me participating in variety. Because I’m the type to play a piano and sing. (laughs) However I don’t dance very well like Eunhyuk, neither do I sing well like Kyuhyun. So (I was) thinking, I became MC because of the glory from it. Even though (I) started variety for this reason, initially I was upset with the thinking “This is not you”. But slowly through variety, my pessimistic and always complaining character of mine starts to change, and starts to enjoy the charisma of Variety. (MC) should feel the same common language with the guest and audience. Slowly (I) had learned to lower myself down, and connect with the others.

Q3) Following the MC activities pathway, rather than saying (you) want to participate, (I) feel that you want to master this variety sector more.

Leeteuk : The show starts at 9am, one hour, one hour, slowly climbing up, and now becoming the main MC for weekend prime time Variety Shows. During this process I keep pride in myself, and, becoming an idol MC, it’s my first time liking this too. Continuing the (MC) activities till 50-60 years old is my goal.

Q4) But becoming an MC, (I) heard that one will get the “Talking disorder” (laughs) *Note : It means one will be unable to stand silence/awkwardness*

Leeteuk : It became a big problem. (I) can’t stay silent, must always keep talking. The same goes for today, the topic is endless with the staff whom (I) met for the first time. Because if (I) don’t say anything and stare blank, I will be afraid that the atmosphere will be awkward because of me.


Q5) But if that’s the case for every situation, as the time for oneself is already not enough, isn’t silent moments more appreciated?

Leeteuk : That’s why if things ended and I was left alone, I will feel lost and don’t know what to do. Is it because of this, that’s why I don’t have a girlfriend? No, is it because of this that cause the breakup with my girlfriend? (I) will think this way.

Q6) I haven’t even start asking and (you) touched the love subject yourself. Thank you. (laughs) How long is the last relationship? *Note : or rather, the reporter is asking how long have you not been in a relationship?*

Leeteuk : Is it almost one year now? Ah, (I’m) blushing now… I had been too honest right! (laughs) During that time I only cared about work. My whole mind is filled with “Must be a success”, because the schedule is too busy, Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday are all packed, not even a single rest. After schedules ended all (I) want is to rest. The next day (I) had to leave house again at 6 or 7am, if I slept any longer, I will feel that the clapping are going to disappear. But in the standpoint of a girlfriend, no matter my schedule ends at 2am or 3am, we definitely have to meet, this way it then can be considered dating. I wish my girlfriend would understand me, I only knows work, by the looks of it I (know) I can’t date anymore. But because it’s now time for me to go to army, (I) realise I want to care about people now, but after looking around my surroundings, there is no one left.

Q7) Success is important, (but) in life, it seems like (you) have not had the satisfaction of having someone who understands you well enough that kind of chemistry.

Leeteuk : This kind of things, I only realised it now. Because not working after 5 years and 3 months of radio DJ, the time between 10pm – 12am are now free. From that day onwards, (I) started exercising once again. Anyway since I do not have anything else, if my schedules for that day ended, I will go exercise, then for sauna, only then will return dorm, (I) don’t want this too. Can (I) say that (I) really feel the loneliness now? That’s why I’d been contacting other people these days, even after schedules I will go meet them no matter how tired I am.

Q8) During the concert you were playing the piano and singing at the same time, and sometimes compose some music. Everyone says that they don’t know Leeteuk has this side of him. I personally feel that your voice is great when singing. At first I don’t really like the singing ability which sounds like reading, but the voice is so pure that it is very charismatic.

Leeteuk : People get excited at times, but voices won’t. (laughs) During concerts I will play the saxaphone, will also play the drums, there’s a lot of performances like this. Is because (my) dancing or singing is not very good, that’s why I want to excel in music instruments. I want our FANS who came to see us, recognize our hardwork. Composing is purely based on personal improvement. This time is my 3rd self-composed song, radio logo song I had composed before too. It seems like I can’t use words to describe the happiness of composing songs. Plus, whether the song is meant as a present for someone else, it’s always either words that I wish to tell FANS, or when I am thinking of the person I like. When letting others hear it (I) will also say “It’s composed when I’m thinking of you” (laughs)

Q9) Even thought artists are not some famous world class people, but Super Junior this group had brought a great influence to the teens, so if keep thinking “This is my life, what does it have to do with you”  this attitude will make you very tired.

Leeteuk : Looking back when I’m young, (I) want to be a singer because of  Seo TaiJi and his children, follow other people’s hairstyles, wear clothes which other people wears. Because of this mindset, I start to ponder should I start showing a positive/good image of mine for the sake of my fans? Artists/Idols are not famous people. But as what Kang HoDong hyung said before, although (we) don’t depend on the country to live, but we still manage to get the love from the people, because under some conditions we are considered as famous people too. If I am dating now or drinking outside, saesang fans cannot follow me. Majority of them are female students. But if it’s on tv station or the gym, they will say “Oppa please exercise well, I’ll see you an hour later”

Q10) If we talk about influence, now not only in South Korea, Super Junior had very big influence even till the Europe. Although happy, but still feel stress.

Leeteuk : I am very grateful that I have this opportunity to enjoy this dame. If it’s about the fear, then it would be how lonBaidu Teuk Bar (小蕾,歪歪)g this fame could sustain. Popularity is like rice wine, if the rice boils up it will sink down, otherwise it will floats. The people whom I see them as “idols” when I was a kid are all now not very famous. I will also have that day someday, so (I) keep thinking, am I able to take it. Thus even if it’s one exchange, I will try to find another different lifestyle.

Q11) First time seeing you evaluating your own life. (laughs) Sorry Sorry basically is a dance song, and also a song which makes people feel that it’s a group with many people.

Leeteuk : XX who choreograph XX dance, had choreograph for us a very great dance routine. Yoo Young Jin Producer said if there’s a rubbing hands motion it would be better, therefore Nick changed the dance slightly, and this became the main point of the dance. Everyone of us is full of passion, (we) trained hard for 10 hours, 12 hours. Until there is no energy left. If this song did not get popular, Donghae will be going back his hometown Mokpo and be a fisherman, I also decided to enlist army. Luckily this song became very popular which gave us what we had today.

Q12) “Must always walk till the end” seems like Super Junior is almost achieving this goal. Plus this time Kangin is also back to participate in this album. Although (I’m) not sure whether is there any sadness, but it feels good to be like this.

Leeteuk : When Kangin is in army (he) didn’t see the members for a very long time. From our point stand we all wished Kangin would come back visit us frequently, but from Kangin’s point, he feels that he let the members down, thus he did not come back often. Whenever I saw Shinhwa on TV, the feeling is very great. The hyungs often tell us this when they saw us “(SJ)’s thinking is very similar to ours.” When we get old can we still be together like them? This is why I would always ask the members to gather in the meeting room and said “You guys can have different thinking now, but this time just believe in hyung and follow hyung, and move forward. Kangin is now back, and also fully prepared for this new album. So let’s do well together!” (I) will also say this to manager hyung “I know the upper level (in the company, meaning their boss) had not made a decision yet, everyone must be racking their heads, but we (SJ) had decided to do this.”

Q13) What are you doing when you are alone? Looking up the internet (laughs) and enjoying this fame.

Leeteuk : It’s not that stressful. Once I made a police report because of saesang fans. But I won’t think that way now. Even if I forbid them to follow me, they will still follow, so just let them be. It’s not like this, I think I will follow them instead. I really did. Once before filming on a saturday night, before meeting the director, because there’s still time left, I turn back and follow this 7-seater rented vehicle by saesang fans. Finally the driver get off the car and shouted, “Ah, Leeteuk is following us. What to do?” (laughs)

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